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Canada has been on my mind ever since the moment I stepped back across the US border at Christmas time. I wanted to

Tasmania with The School

Oh Tasmania. Where have you been all my life. And why didn’t I visit you sooner? All I can say is wow. Last month

New Zealand Part Three

I have been harbouring photos from New Zealand for some time now, desperate for a chance to edit and put up another

New Zealand Adventures Part Two

I am so excited to share this post with you because it consists of some of my favourite

New Zealand Adventures Part One

Some of you may already know about my galavanting to the South Island of New Zealand twice

new zealand part six – the way home

I don’t enjoy goodbyes, but this is my final post on my New Zealand journey. Most of these pictures were taken on

new zealand part four – milford sound

Milford Sound was so epic and enormous that I couldn’t even capture a fraction of what it was really like. It had

new zealand part three – arrowtown

Arrowtown is an old gold mining town near Queenstown that we fell in love with. It was scattered with quaint little

new zealand part two – mount cook

So, the epic adventure continues… Most of these photos were taken at, or near, Mount Cook. We purposely made no

new zealand part one – queenstown

New Zealand is otherworldly. In the mist, the forest greens are so rich and you can taste the pine and fog in the air.

the redwood forest

My sisters and I were told of a magnificent Redwood forest that grows up in Big Sur in California. Without a map and

new yorkers

New York really is a place full of diverse souls. You can go from one end to the other and meet every kind of person