Canada has been on my mind ever since the moment I stepped back across the US border at Christmas time. I wanted to share a few images in the meantime while I gather and work on the whole 5 week story from my travels. So here are a few to keep everyone (mostly me) going while we wait. And a special hello to my little sister Cydney, pictured in most of the photographs above, who I miss terribly. x

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  • petal and plume - what a joy it is to see my country so beautifully captured.
    brooke, your photography is incredibly wonderful! you have a real gift.

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I recently had the delight of working alongside Marsha Golemac to shoot all the new website and campaign imagery for Tailfeather, a Melbourne based leather goods brand. All the products are made by hand in the mountains of Tallarook and it was such a beautiful place to shoot. Here are some of my favourite shots from our weekend up there.

Styling: Marsha Golemac
Photography: Brooke Holm

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  • Miss Moss : Tailfeather - […] goods brand, and they just shot a beautiful lookbook with stylist Marsha Golemac and photographer Brooke Holm. man the Aussies always seem to kill it, going to have to visit Melbourne soon […]ReplyCancel

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Tasmania with The School

Oh Tasmania. Where have you been all my life. And why didn’t I visit you sooner? All I can say is wow. Last month I hopped on The School roadshow bandwagon and travelled to Tasmania to teach a photography workshop in Hobart. I had the pleasure of teaching alongside the incredible Megan Morton, Sophie Thé, Kara Rosenlund and Stephanie Somebody in the Battery Point Community Hall. I knew Tassie was one of those places that I needed to eventually get to but I didn’t really have any idea how beautiful it would be. I only had a couple of hours to explore but as soon as I got off the plane I headed straight to the nearest mountain – Mt Wellington. To my pure delight, there was snow waiting for me on top. I then headed to my class in Battery Point to teach a handful of photography loving students the ways of the camera. Here are just a few images I took in between teaching and exploring so please enjoy.

Please note that the last four images of me teaching the class and the image of the pink flowers at the beginning were taken by one of my super cute, talented students Sarah Williams. She is a total camera-hugging babe. Check out her work here.

For those of you who want to get to a class, I am teaching one on November 4 in Auckland, NZ and I am so excited about that! Also, Sydney class on 12th October and Melbourne class on 18th October. All details and bookings here. x

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    • brooke holm - Hi Rachel!
      It’s a manfrotto. I think the exact model is Manfrotto 190XPROB Tripod with 804RC2 Head. They are sold separately. Hope that helps! xReplyCancel

  • Kyle - Hey Brooke, I’m thinking about booking onto the next Sydney class and was wondering if it’s aimed at film or digital or more general?

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  • Abbie Calvert - I spy myself in the last picture! Thankyou Brooke for a lovely day at The School. You’ll have to come back and explore some more Tasmanian mountains someday. I’ll be hiking up Mt Eliza in south west Tas (with my camera) on the weekend and I’ll undoubtedly use some of the skills I leant in class! Thankyou again and I hope that you’re well.ReplyCancel

New Zealand Part Three

I have been harbouring photos from New Zealand for some time now, desperate for a chance to edit and put up another post. Amidst my procrastination, I just bit the bullet and spent some time in my own little world. So here you go… some wonderful forests, mountains, lakes and two adventure seekers by the names of Marsha Golemac and Brooke Holm. Enjoy and take a trip one day. x

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New Zealand Adventures Part Two

I am so excited to share this post with you because it consists of some of my favourite photographs I have ever taken. I can’t express to you how it felt when I was so close to the mountains – standing on top of a glacier just trying to breathe in the freezing cold fresh air and staring at the 360 degree world around me. No words can possibly be said when you’re in that moment to give it all justice. You just have to look, wide-eyed and in awe, get your buddy old pal to squeeze you to let you know it’s all real and just relish in that altered perspective for as long as you can.

New Zealand is SUCH an incredible place. You think you’ve seen it all but then it surprises you, there are new things around every corner just waiting to be explored. When I planned this trip, I was going to do it alone. I was going to fly on over solo and try to find some meaning in this overwhelming life. But I decided to bring my dearest friend with me and it turned out to be the best possible decision – because I’ve learned that life is better shared (preferably over cups of tea, snacks and ridiculous mountain views). There’s nothing better than taking someone, for the first time, somewhere that you really love and seeing their reaction. So thank you Marsha Golemac for coming with me and making it even better than it could have been had I done it on my own. And thank you for hugging the tree, climbing the rocks and standing in all the places I made you stand – you’re the best. xo

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    I found you through Est Magazine and I´m fall in love.I´m a photographer from Spain, Canary Islands.
    I think that you use film not digital. It´s true?
    A pleasure know your work and congratulation.ReplyCancel

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