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New York is quite the incredible place. It’s a plethora of ideas and inspiration where as soon as you arrive, you instantly you get an impression of the diversity, care-not attitude and tenacity of the people who live there. I found myself wandering the streets by myself with my camera, so intrigued with the people and the vibe of the place. It really gives you a kick of energy being around such a fast paced city where everyone’s rushing to do things. There is no casual strolling, it’s either join the masses on their rampage or be trampled.
I have been to New York twice before, but I feel as I get older my appreciation for it just grows. I was not in the mindset then that I am in now, therefore going back to the same place feels like a whole new experience. New York is vibrant. There is so much colour. The fashion of the people mixed with the coloured lights, mixed with the autumn/winter hues of the trees is just a visual overload. So I guess, in contrast to all of that, I’ve captured the still moments that I found. Single humans amongst the chaos of the crowd, the ghostly snow blanket over Central Park the day it began snowing and no one was outside, and the quiet moments that captured my attention. I also spent some time with my delicious family while I was there, which explains the arms coming out of the tree. Enjoy x

  • Jill Humphrey - I stumbled across you, not even sure how but have just spent an amazing 45mins following your blogs and loving your photos capturing nature and design aspects of our world. My son’s hobby is landscape photography. I have friends in Melbourne and NZ is definitely a place to visit, as is anywhere new!
    Thank you for showing me other visions. XReplyCancel

  • Al - Wow, love these!

    Do you mind me asking what your go to lenses are for landscapes? As well as your interior photos, they seem to have a certain clear crispness? Thanks :)ReplyCancel

  • S - I love your photographs but your site takes so long to load :(
    I wonder if it is just a problem for me. I use google chrome >.<ReplyCancel

    • brooke holm - Hey there, I know it’s a real problem. I’ve done a bit of research to try and make it load faster, I think because it’s photography, there are so many images so it takes longer. I have tried a few things now which might help. Do you want to try again and let me know if it’s any better for you? Thanks for the feedback :) xReplyCancel